Reporting CorruptionReporting Corruption

This service is available to all individuals regardless of their characteristics or categories whether they are federal government employees or clients or suppliers of goods and services and other individuals who wishes to report a corruption incident and financial violations occurred in one of SAI auditees

In accordance with the stipulated provisions of articles (2) & (20) of the Federal Law No. (8) Of 2011 on the Restructure of Supreme Audit, SAI is responsible for detecting fraud, corruption and financial violation cases at the Auditees, and undertakes the investigation and take an action concerning the aforementioned cases. ​

Protecting public funds and preserving the UAE properties is considered a national responsibility where all society members should report practices that would harm those funds.

All reports will be handled seriously and confidentially in order to provide more protection for the whistleblowers without obligating them to disclose their identity if they wished to do so, and only providing the relevant information to the incident. Any information shall not be shared with other entity without a prior consent from the whistleblower.

Kindly take into consideration the following when submitting the report:

  • SAI receives the reports related to corruption incidents and financial violation stipulated in article (17) of the Federal Law No. (8) of 2011 on the Restructure of Supreme Audit Institution
  • You can report corruption incidents and financial violations that occurred in the auditees.

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