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Our Core Functions


​​​​​​SAI M​ethodology ​



How Does SAI Perform its Audit Functions​


Decision Makers​

Define Government Objectives

Allocate Financial Appropriations​


The SAI is responsible for asking and answering these questions:​ ​


Are the amount spent as reported by the Entities Correct?​

Checking the Financial Statement 

Were expenses spent and revenues collected properly and legally?​

Ensuring that these operations were done in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable at federal government

Did entities manage their financial resources optimally?​

Ensuring that entities have used their financial resources to perform ​their assigned functions in an efficient, effective and economic manner

Are there any other fraud cases or serious violations that lead to loss of public fund?​

Identifying and evaluating cases detected in this regard and taking the necessory actions​


SAI Methodology ​


Understanding the financial Statement and the nature of the entity

Assessing the risk ​

(What may go wrong)

Testing our Assessment of risk ​

(What may go wrong)


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