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​​​​​​​​Type Of Audit


Financial and compliance audit:

Supreme Audit Institution preform Financial and Compliance audit which includes auditing financial statements and evaluating compliance with laws and regulations. It comprises the biggest percentage of the audit work carried out by the SAI. It aims at auditing financial transactions data in accordance with the laws, rules, professional standards and approved regulations.​

Performance Audit:

Supreme Audit Institution conduct Performance Audit that aims at auditing all or part of the auditee’s activity as the SAI recognizes how work is conducted in the concerned entities to evaluate the level of efficiency, economy and effectiveness in order to ensure the achievement of objectives by the entities according to the required standards.


​IS Audit

Supreme Audit Institution conduct IS audit for the auditees to ensure the level of information safety of the IT infrastructure and the operational efficiency of the systems in achieving the intended purposes. This includes:​


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