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President of SAI

​​​​​​​"It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Supreme Audit Institution (“SAI”) website. We aspire that it will be a successful portal in providing information about the SAI functions and activities."​

SAI, “The Supreme Audit Institution” is a constitutional institution that derives its power and authority from the constitution and law. It exercises this contr​ol over government departments, semi-government departments and all the institutions of UAE federal government. Along with preserving public funds, SAI aims in working with public sector institutions to improve governance tools, rising performance level, strengthening principles of transparency and accountability in the government sector. Additionally, fighting corruption and protecting public fund is in the top of SAI priorities in order to achieve a fair balance between the levels of expenditure and services that rendered to people to sustain high grow rates in different sectors.

To address the challenges that associated with financial audit at federal entities, SAI strives to enhance audit methodologies and methods, management systems and good governance in line with the best international practices in auditing at public sector. By joining professional international and regional organizations and bilateral work agreements with counterpart institutions worldwide including training SAI staff professionally to be able to perform their duties as required.

SAI submits periodic reports to the Federal National Council and Cabinet. These reports include audit findings and the level of credibility of information issued by ministries, institutions and authorities of federal government and the level of commitment to achieve their strategic objectives. This is to provide decision-makers with the necessary information to ensure good use of financial resources.

We have a clear vision to develop audit work to enable SAI to have a paramount place among reliable international and regional financial audit institutions by adopting developed audit rules and controls in compatible with the highest international standards.

We ask God to grant us success in meeting responsibility towards UAE people, leadership and preserving public fund in the best interest of the country and people.

We would like to welcome you again in this website and we are pleased in constant communications with you by providing you with what’s new at the SAI. We also welcome your opinions and suggestions t​hat contribute to achieving mutual benefit and enhancing UAE reputation and prosperity.​​

H.E ​​Dr. Harib AL​AMIMI​

President of the Su​pr​​​​​​e​me Audit Institution

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