SAI Hosts the ASOSAI Meeting
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 SAI Hosts the ASOSAI Meeting


​SAI hosts the second meeting of the Asian Organization of Supreme Audit Institution (ASOSAI) at its headquarter in Abu Dhabi on 22-23 October regarding continuing the discussion on the research project launched by the organization entitled "Audit on Implementation of SDGs: leveraging digital or big data to achieve the SDGs". This research project is the 12th in a series of research projects launched by the organization in order to support and improve the audit work and its practices that contribute in raising SAIs members' performance level and enhance its role in the audit work field.

It's mentioned that the first meeting had been already held last February, attended by the project supervisory team members who represented 15 SAIs and led by SAI UAE, A work plan was developed to achieve this project which included preparing and drafting several themes and most important theme was the role of the SAIs in addressing the absence of elements of the implementation of development goals in some of the governments' policies.  This is in addition to enhancing the mechanism of the information and data management arising from governmental activities to be produced effectively, and how to apply the principle of accountability when detecting a deficiency in a government performance related to the implementation of the sustainable development goals.  


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