SAI Heads the Meeting of the GCC SAIs’ Chairmen
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 SAI Heads the Meeting of the GCC SAIs’ Chairmen


H.E Dr. Harib Al-amimi, President of SAI, Chairman of COSP to UNCAC, headed the 17th meeting of the GCC SAIs’ Chairmen, which was held remotely via teleconference, with the participation of the GCC SAIs’ Chairmen and the Secretary-General of the GCC Council.

H.E opened the meeting by welcoming the Chairmen of the SAIs and wishing for this meeting a great success.
He outlined in his statement on the importance of the role carried out by the SAIs to protect the public funds, and such role has surpassing the limited concept of the post financial audit and monitoring mistakes and violations to reach the realization of the overall concept that aims to achieve the principles of transparency, integrity, disclosure and accountability. In addition to contribute in the development of the financial systems which ensures using the resources of the state’s general budget for the purposes for which they had been intended and to achieve sustainable development goals in which benefits the national economy of the state members and achieve welfare of the GCC population.

Furthermore, H.E added that after four decades of the Cooperation Council life since its first launching in Abu Dhabi in 1981 and under the variables imposed by the current time, the political economic, security, environmental, and the social challenges faced by the state members and accompanying emergency cases such as Covid-19 Pandemic that has compounded the complexity of challenges that imposed an alternate reality to what countries and people were accustomed to practice their various activities. In accordance with what those circumstances and challenges dictated, this required changing the traditional thinking pattern, devise political equations and approaches in understanding and reading the future in order to create new opportunities that focuses on practical steps with a significant results that enhance peace, stability, cooperation, prosperity and growth at regional and international level. 

The meeting reviewed a set of listed topics on its agenda, including the adoption of Abu Dhabi declaration 2019 of the Conference of the State Parties to the United Nation Convention against Corruption as an official document of work and cooperation as it contained principles related to the work of the SAIs. In addition reviewing a follow-up report on the resolutions issued by the 16th meeting of SAIs’ Chairmen and the 21st meeting of the Under-Secretaries and a number of topics related to the work of the GCC SAIs.


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