State Audit Institution Requests Recovery of One Billion Dirham
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 State Audit Institution Requests Recovery of One Billion Dirham


​The audit reports issued by the State Audit Institution (“the SAI”) show that the audit of financial statements and accounts of auditees revealed that there are certain violations and practices in the implementation of general budgets of those auditees which led to paying or not collecting total amounts of one billion dirham. 

Audits of some samples of financial accounts of federal entities for the financial year 2012 showed that about AED 125.2 million were disbursed by ministries and federal general departments and that these entities failed to collect about AED 14.7 million. The amounts disbursed or not collected by the independent service authorities and entities equals about AED 839 million within AED 25 million for independent (for-profit) authorities. These funds represent the total amounts illegally disbursed in conflict with the determined legislations and regulations on the use of public funds. This is in addition to the total funds that should have been collected in accordance with the related financial regulations.

The SAI requested from the concerned entities to recover and collect those funds and to fully comply with the legislations and regulations on how to use and manage public funds including the regulations and decrees issued by the Cabinet and Ministerial Council for Services. The SAI underlined using financial appropriations for the expenditures approved in the annual budget and ensuring the availability of all the conditions that require paying expenditure or collecting revenue in accordance with the effective legislations.


The SAI also stressed on the importance of activating the role of internal auditors in auditees and enabling them to perform their professional duties independently in addition to tightening control on government procurement and making monthly reconciliations in respect of collecting revenues and transferring them to the general treasury of the UAE periodically in accordance with the financial plans approved and as stated in the annual budget of each entity. The SAI pointed out that it is necessary that the entities monitor service providers who are assigned to carry out some responsibilities of government entities such as those related to collecting revenues from customers and beneficiaries of government services on behalf of some government departments. This is in order to ensure compliance of those service providers with imposing fees within the limit determined according to the legislations and regulations and that all the amounts collected are transferred to the general treasury of the UAE.


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