SAI Workshop Event at Zayed University
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 SAI Workshop Event at Zayed University


​​On Monday, October 5, 2015 State Audit Institution successfully launched a workshop induction, which was held at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi with cooperation and coordination between the SAI and ZU.

This event was a great opportunity to highlight the importance of audit as profession and introduce students to SAI, as a competitive and desirable workplace in the public sector. In addition to its role in auditing government organizations and the preservation of public money to the state.

The attendees had been briefed about SAI as an organization including the mission, vision and values. Also recruitment team highlighted the professional career path offering by SAI to UAE National graduates.

The event was well prepared and organized which participated in the success of its activities, where the number of attendees reached 56 students from various majors such as Accounting, Finance and Information Technology.


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