UAE Supports the International Efforts to Combat Corruption
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 UAE Supports the International Efforts to Combat Corruption


The UAE stressed on the necessity of cooperation between all world countries and working  together in order to activate the joint action mechanism to ensure upgrading the level of anti-corruption operations and preventing the spread of all its forms.

This came during the speech of H.E Dr Harib Alamimi, the President of SAI, Chairman of CoSP to the UNCAC, in the special session titled “Challenges and measurements to prevent corruption and strengthen international cooperation”, held by the General Assembly of the UN.

H.E emphasized that the UAE, along with other countries, concerned about the risks and problems that corruption exacts to the stability and security of the societies and it supports the international efforts to build effective institutions that works on anchoring the principles of accountability, in-tegrity, and transparency to ensure achieving sustainable development goals and welfare of people.

He added that, out of its belief that corruption impedes achieving development plans and under-mine the rule of law. The UAE and in cooperation with its international associates and through the general framework of the UNCAC, are working on activating the various chapters of the agree-ment in which ensures its proper implementation and achieving its goals.

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