SAI discloses a case of corruption of 5.5 Million
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 SAI discloses a case of corruption of 5.5 Million


​​Published: Sunday, 3 April 2016

Jomaa Al Noaimi, Abu Dhabi

SAI disclosed a case of public fund's waste and misappropriation of more than 5.5 million. The convicts were referred to the jurisdiction and sentenced for a varying periods of 3 years in prison.

Dr. Hareb Alamimi President of SAI said for "Etihad newspaper": the auditing procedures shown that some of the public employees and private companies' employees, who are associated with implementation of services and supply contracts for some entities, has involved in illegal acts of misappropriation, waste of the public funds and frogging of official documents, In addition to profiteering. This caused a huge loss of the public funds; the total amount of this loss was more than 5.5 million AED.

H.E indicated that SAI referred the investigation results to the Federal Public Prosecution to take the necessary action against the convicts. In turn, they referred them to Jurisdiction. The judicial decisions ranged between Imprisonment and confinement against the convicts for varying periods of 3 years. The judicial decisions also included recovering funds and transferring them to the state treasury.

H.E also said: SAI endeavor through its competences stated in the law to detect the fraud and financial corruption, protect the public funds and auditees, verify the integrity, legality of managing public funds in addition to the good use of these funds for the purposes intended through the audits.

H.E Dr. Hareb explained: In order to fight corruption and fraud SAI provided all the individual public whether they were government employees, clients, suppliers or others to report all the corruption and fraud facts that involved to financial violations. SAI ensures different reporting methods to report fraud, corruption crimes and financial violations with considering all guarantees that ensure protecting the person reporting the facts. He also indicated that all these guarantees are mentioned in the federal penalties laws, money laundering law in addition to the applicable regulations at SAI by which the necessary prevention procedures are followed. These procedures consider the confidentiality of the information provided by the reporting person without requiring them to disclose their identities.  

Dr. Alamimi explain that SAI shall not require any coercive or controllability conditions and will not require them to disclose their identities unless they are willing to, this to ensure time and effort which can help SAI practicing its competences in a fast and effective way.

H.E said that the person who report the fact shall consider the following: the person who report the facts shall have a good will seeking for the public interest and protect the public funds, the report shall be serious without involving any malicious facts, shall focus on facts that constitute violation on the public funds and auditees funds and properties. He also assures the necessity of the report to be specific, non-public and shall include specific financial facts so that SAI can investigate and provide the documents and the person who report the fact shall choose a communication method so that SAI can contact them for more information.

Finally, H.E indicates that SAI deals with the reports under its competences very seriously, objectively and confidentially. It also determine responsibility regarding the facts involve, whether on the administrative and disciplinary level or both criminal and financial aspects in cooperation and coordination with the competent authorities.


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