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Emiratization Plan

SAI recognizes the importance of developing a new generation of Emirati business professionals in Audit Field, and It is committed to offering talented UAE nationals access to the important Conferences, inspirational people and world class training that will help them become the business leaders of future. the SAI is visibly trying to increase Emiratization percentage. Emiratization percentage in the SAI has reached 89.7% until October 2021 of the total number of employees. SAI can offer Emiratis unique career opportunities, our employees are helping to safeguard the public funds while fulfilling their potential through both on the job experience and unrivalled learning opportunities.


Our Emiratization strategy is based around the four building blocks for learning and growth:

Recruit talent 'fit for role
Develop core business knowledge, skills, behavior and competence.
Talent management succession plan, development.
Build leadership and management capability.

Capacity Building

In light of the UAE governmental trends and the wise leadership directives toward upgrading the governmental work to the highest levels of strategic thinking and developing cadres and leaderships: Capability building is considered the main pillar for upgrading the performance level of the human cadres and improving their professionalism and productivity competency, which the State Audit Institution (SAI) of the United Arab Emirates seeks. The SAI aims to enhance these capabilities to enrich knowledge, information, and skills required in monitoring, preserving public money and anti-corruption area through providing training programs, activities and participating in relevant conferences and seminars in various disciplines and fields locally and globally to build and develop human resources capabilities.


Some of the individual programmes within the above building blocks that have been undertaken are:

Recruitment at Education Campus 2014.
UAE National administrators development programme
Induction programme for all associates.
UAE National technicians program for Associate Auditors.
InternationalAuditor Fellowship Program of the Government Accountability Office – U.S.A 2014.

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